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A Theory of Everything 


The Whole in One




Warning: All the concepts and ideas expressed on this site as a theoretical model of reality are property of Andrés del Rio Lihn

The Whole in One Theory of everything (T.W.O) is based on a theoretical model of reality that enlarges the scientific comprehension of the universe by recognizing a whole world beyond what science instrumentation can measure.

The theoretic frame is capable to explain the fundamentals constants of the universe with precision and from that point; all the scientific knowledge becomes consistent with the theoretical frame. Thus, the theory provides a fundamental knowledge with repercussions in all order of things like physics, philosophy, chemistry, biology, anthropology, history, art, religion, psychology, spirituality, etc.
It set the fundamental relationship among all the elements within the universe. Three large worlds are united under a common frame: Quantum mechanics, consciousness and spirituality and the large cosmos.
Everything has been united into one single universal constant that one way or other shares a common ground base with all the elements, even gravity.
T.W.O it is a completely disturbing theory build up upon a relative theoretical abstraction of reality that makes its comprehension very difficult, not for its mathematical difficulties but for the concept involves within and the dynamic of the process of the universe. Yet, the precision will always exceed science measuring capacities.
The Theory is restricted just up to the essential understanding of the elements and its relations. It ends up explaining how the fundamentals constant are possible into reality.    
The starting point of T.W.O is the recognition of the singularity of each element or process. In other words, the Cosmos and your instant of creation (both moments) cannot be separated in order to make possible an understanding of reality.

The theory demands for its comprehension continuous jumping on the sequential order you are used to think and furthermore, to permanently moves from one area of knowing to another. Even worst, everything is introduced in relative terms what end up to be mentally exhausting. Only one concept is set as an absolute: the ADR scale.
The worse part in terms of difficulty is that every time you fix your attention in any concept, the concept itself will cease to be what you expect. Many meaning at the same time are going to be the rule rather than the exception.
Most of the concepts you are used to take for granted are going to be deeply questioned and yet the full integration of all the elements into the cosmos under a common ground umbrella is nothing but wonderful, if you are able to grasp the concepts.

Gravity is theoretically explained with numerical precision coming from the model itself. Consciousness will become extremely relevant.
In Quantum terms, T.W.O is based upon the understanding that something you can see or measure with instrumentation is the result of a bunch of elements you cannot see but yet are theoretically essentials to explain reality with precision.


The whole relativist theoretical framework of T.W.O may be expressed into just one singular absolute:  “1/36/360 x 10 exp. -40” or +40. Everything within reality contains inside, in one way or another, this absolute concept.  If for physicians the Einstein´s expression E=mc2 becomes almost religious, the best way to express the whole universe behind a singular expression is the one mentioned above  Unlike the relativist expression of Einstein, the T.W.O expression it is an absolute that works as starting point. Yet,” 1/36/360 x 10 exp. -40” it is a consequence that emerges from the model itself. To be a cause and a consequence becomes extremely mentally difficult to understand because of the linear logical sequence our thinking works.
How is it possible to hold a logical thinking sequence and yet do not respect the time´s laws it is something with T.W.O deals on by opening the conceptual scope of reality.
To understand the cosmos it is a must to understand who you are. To understand who you are it is a must to understand others and how the line that separates you and others it is a very blurry line.
To make things even more complicated, to understand the cosmos it is a must to trust in others and in you.
T.W.O is all about a perfect equilibrium among all the things and the recognition of you as the disturbing elements of the cosmos that makes it possible. As you can see, even though you may think all this theory is completely incorrect, it is based upon the final understanding that love is ultimately, the driving force of the universe.
If you, by any chance, you do think that the previous comment about love will remove any possible strength to this theory has, then you will commit your first mistake. If there is one thing you may learn with this Theory is that appearance are deceiving. You will learn how nature is the master of illusion.

Everything is about balance within T.W.O. To comprehend you need to believe in your own thoughts and emotions as well as to consider others thoughts and emotions.

The masterpiece of the universe allow you to believe many different things like the followings:

1-There is a creator of the universe.


2-We humans are the creators of the universe, and the center of it.

3-We are both, creators and the created ones. – A collective consciousness allow us to explain the universe.

4-The universe is a sort of programmed informatics reality.

5-All previous 4 possibilities merging to us as 1 single or combined option. What you will believe will depend mainly upon your emotional balance, contextual reality and other elements.

6- For T.W.O perspectives, the universe as well as we are the result of a balance combination of all the mentioned possibilities in an almost instant moment in order to do not become a contradiction itself.



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